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Beloved Town of Mine

I miss the old Ann Arbor without ever having experienced it. I've spoken to many older townies and professors who fondly recall the student activism that was so commonplace in the 60's.  

From Wikipedia...

"During the 1960s and 1970s, the city gained a reputation as an important center for liberal politics. Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy unveiled his Peace Corps proposal in 1960 at the University of Michigan, and President Lyndon B. Johnson first called for a "Great Society" as the university's commencement speaker in 1964. The city also became a locus for left-wing activism, and served as a hub for the civil-rights movement and anti-Vietnam War movement, as well as the student movement. The first major meetings of the national left-wing campus group Students for a Democratic Society took place in Ann Arbor in 1960; in 1965, the city was home to the first U.S. teach-in against the Vietnam War. During the ensuing fifteen years, many countercultural and New Left enterprises sprang up and developed strong constituencies within the city."

I've attended a few protests and know the showing at these gatherings are often a bit lackluster. I don't believe it's a lack of topics to bring to the public forum. What happened to the fire and the passion?