{See Alice Go} ... And Acquire.

I hinted that I had purchase one of the items in Untitled #7. Today, I'm going to reveal that item...

*Ah Ahem* Drum roll please...

Now, I'm never ever spent close to this kind of money on a bag, but I've been saving up for a while in hope of finding a high-quality and timeless bag. I've done extensive search on the Purse Forum and narrow my list down to a (ok, not going to lie, but it's really quite a few) dream bags. Of course, I'd also promised myself a nice reward if I got into the graduate school that I had applied to- and I was accepted into the program last week!

I'm in the Midwest and am not close to many high-end department stores, so there are very few chances for me to even look at nice bags. But my local TJ Maxx started carrying "runway" goods recently. I've seen Prada, Ferragamo, and Gucci shoes, bags, and accessories  They also have a dozen or two small racks of designer clothing from Tory Burch, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor, to Escada, Ralph Lauren Ready-to-Wear, and Valentino! This is where I found this Medium Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Cabas bag for significantly less than retail. 

I hope to keep this lovely object for many years (I should probably get up the nerve to cut the tags off first, eh?). As I get familiar with my new acquisition, I will be doing posts on care and maintenance of the Medium YSL Chyc Cabas.

Of course, I should probably also mentioned that I got something else in that (ok, same) trip to TJ Maxx. Want a hint? Stay tune for tomorrow's Untitled #8!


Sale Alert!

Hello, fellow shoppers!

Just wanted to give you a heads up. There's a Neiman's DOUBLE gift card event going on now through this Wednesday:

What's on your wishlist?

Here's mine:
1. Prada Cervo Center Zip Tote: 

I love the classic shape and color of this bag. It's very much like the regular tote- has a classic luggage tag, paddock and hanging keys.... but you get the added bonus of an all-leather interior. If you're looking for a bag that has fewer compartments, this is a good alternative. Plus, both of these bags get you the $600 GC and you could get a Prada wallet for "free"! My picks for matching/almost matching are the Saffiano Wallet on a Chain and Mini Zip Crossbody Bag.

2. Chloe Alison East-West Colorblock Tote:

I'm still not over the lovely burgundy from this fall and the simple, elegant shape of this bag, combined with the durable suede lining makes this a timeless bag that will last.

3. Valentino Bi-color Dress:

75% of my closet is black and white, and 50% of that are dresses! Needless to say, I can't take my eyes off this dress. I find that A-line silhouettes work really well for my petite frame. There are also the delicate, feminine, classic-Valentino bows that make the dress girlish but not immature. And just when you think you think you have this dress figured out and can't love it more than you do when BAM! You see the back... 
Are you thinking, "oh, be still my beating heart...", like I am?

Now, keep in mind, to double your gift card, you have to purchase both a regularly priced men/women's apparel item AND bag/shoe purchase. If you don't have anything in mind for your full-price apparel item, I suggest adding some cheaper item to your cart (i.e. plain mens tee or ladies socks).

Happy shopping and please, do share what you've bought!


Untitled #7

Untitled #7

So, there's a twist to this Polyvore set. I actually purchased one of the item in this set... and a review is coming soon! (Hint: it's not the Chapstick :P)


(See Alice Review) Poudre Signée de Chanel

There's been plenty of buzz about the new  Spring 2013 Printemps Precieux de Chanel makeup collection and I've read many a review where beauty blogger are raving about the Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder. Notably, the lovely and prolific TemptaliaPerilously Pale, and Musings of a Muse

I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and couldn't hold myself back from biting the bullet on this product ($68 USD, not including tax). I'd been looking into an illuminating powder and had narrowed it down to the Poudre Signee de Chanel and the Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond. When I swatched the two next to each other, I noticed that the Shimmer Star was a little closer to my skintone, but overall the effect was very similar. Forgot to take pictures of these two,  swatched next to each other, bad Alice! 

In the end after spending 20 mins pro and conning each purchase... I decided to go with the Chanel:

1. I don't have any Chanel cosmetics and have heard really great things about them

2. I've been trying to buy cosmetics with fewer toxic ingredients. Granted, I'm not a chemist, but I like to read up on these kinds of things. It's nice to take precautions! The Dior has paraben(s?)
3. Have you seen the Chanel packaging? As you can see from my pictures below, it's frickin' unbelievably gorgeous!

How beautiful is that? The powder is pressed into the iconic Chanel interlocking "C", little mini lipsticks, mascara tubes, and CoCo Chanel's favorite flower, the camellia.

The powder itself is very pretty. I prefer highlighter that is slightly shimmery and gives a subtle sheen. Besides, who wants to look like a disco ball? I've swatched the powder below:

It's finely milled and of good quality- plus, it doesn't have parabens! I can use it as an everyday powder and it comes in a little black case with makes it highly portable. I'm not too fond of the price as this was quite a splurge for me or the little spongy brush that comes with it (it's not very good for applying the product and the shimmers from the brush get all over the little, black, velvet case). Overall, I was pleased with the product and am glad to have it in my arsenal!

What do you think? Have you tried the Poudre Signée de Chanel? What beauty purchases have you made this month?

Ta ta for now!