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Sale Alert

I just got the email this morning, 25% off store-wide AND site-wide at J.Crew and Madewell. 



{See Alice Go} Wrap for the Holidays

I might have mentioned this before, but I LOVE Christmas because I love picking out and wrapping presents. What I don't like, is having to spend money on things to wrap the presents with.

Whenever I get a present that would fit well into the box available at the store, I ask for a box. And even if I can't get a free gift box, many other presents come in a package that can be easily wrap (And boy do I love it when the packaging is square/rectangular). I've refused to buy wrapping paper for the last two year and it's actually working out pretty well.

How do I wrap my presents, you ask? The secret is the brown paper bag you pack your groceries into at the store!

I cut the bottom out, use it like normal wrapping paper (with the printed side touching the present itself), tie it up with hemp string, and finish it off with a few personal touches. Last year, I made personalized tags from card stock, a glitter pen, and glue. This year, I've made more basic name tags and little origami ornaments. This way, I can get two uses of the bag and the paper can still be recycled.

You can see my creations from this year here (Yes, I start buy and wrapping mid-November so I can drag out this process for as long as possible):

 A bit of patterned holly...

 A cute little fox (He/she is sideways, see the nosey and the eyes?).

Have you started preparing for the holidays? Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear from you!


{See Alice Go} Gift Guide... For the Guys

{See Alice Go} Gift Guide... For the Guys

{See Alice Go} Gift Guide... For the Guys by abliuee

(1) Leather Driving Gloves (2) Terry Cotton Robe (3) Flannel Jammers
(4) Gingerbread Boxers (5) Fleece-lined Slippers (On sale AND 30% off) (6) Watch (30% off here)

I actually got The Guy the Hydrocotton Cotton Robe from Restoration Hardware and it is UNBELIEVABLE. It's thick, plush, and so absorbent he doesn't even need a towel post shower. I tried it on and it's.... kind of like slipping a blanket of clouds over your shoulders. Seriously amazing!

What are you getting for the men in your life? Have you started holiday shopping?


{See Alice Go} Review

I have combination skin where I'm really shiny (That and dry/flaky.) by mid-day. It's gotten noticeably worse in the last few weeks so I decided to look into a powder compact for touch-ups during the day. I wanted the compact to be travel-friendly, durable, good at absorbing oil, and as toxic-free as possible. After looking into reviews of powders from Guerlain, Givenchy, YSL, Dior, Physician's Formula, etc, I stop by my local Sephora and picked up Laura Mercier's Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder (I already have a pressed powder that I very much love, Tarte's Smooth Operator, but it only gets me through 8 hours or so of wear).

Without further ado, here are a few pictures:
$32 USD from Sephora.com

Hopefully you can see that the powder itself is a slightly green tint. This helps balance out any redness you might have (Which I do). Here are pictures of the product on my fingers, swatched on the back of my hand, and finally, blended in:

I found that this product does reduce shine. However, as mentioned in a few reviews, it is kind of chalky. I made sure to blend the product out well, otherwise, the chalky white/green powder would be noticeable (Well, to me at least). Unfortunately, the flat sponge doesn't that comes with the compact doesn't do a very good job. If I had to carry a brush with me, it would defeat the purpose of the compact... but do the brushes/sponges/puffs what come with the product ever work that well? I thought the packaging looked ok on the outside, but a little meh when you open it up. I don't know if you can see in this picture, but the plastic hinge is just unsightly and looks a bit cheap:
Overall, I think this is a decent product and it does the job it's supposed to do. I just wish Laura Mercier would give us a better applicator. Lastly, I thought the product could do with a little extra milling. That's not to say it's crudely milled, it's just not quite as nice and smooth as soon other powders I tested (Guerlain, YSL, I'm looking at you!). I wouldn't repurchase this product because it did not impress (Which actually works out ok because I love testing new products!).

Do you use a powder compact during the day?  I'd love to know what you're using! (Yeah, I think I'm still in the market...)

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{See Alice Go} Review... Gap

I went to Gap as well today and wanted to share these pictures in a separate post.I feel that overall, J.Crew is (usually) better quality, but I've really been liking the offerings at Gap this season! Right now, they have 30% off store-wide (Shoot, just checked and it sends today apparently... Well, maybe our west coast friends will have some luck?). Check out my picks below!

I tried this on in navy. I believe it was $40.99 (+30% off) and is almost 100% man-made materials. Still pretty cute though, maybe I'll pull the trigger when it's discounted any more... I liked the skirt but that doesn't mean it's NOT too short... for work. I can see myself wear this on the weekends but seeing as how I'm constantly moving around, I don't want to be inconvenienced by it's (lack-of) length.

Grey Sweater Dress with Zipper Detailing
I don't believe this item is available online, hence no link. It's 95% wool and 5% cashmere and wow, I really like this dress. It's warm and slightly loose on the frame. I can see myself wearing this any day of the week with any kind of black boot. It's also get this nice silver zipper detailing on the shoulders:
I bit. I took that sweater right home and tried it on again. Yep, still love it.

This was so bland, I thought. The hips were slightly too narrow for me and I almost couldn't pull it down. It's shapeless in an unattractive way and the snug hip-area makes it a bit worse. I think this would look lovely on someone with less hip and the price was quite attractive ('bout $30 or so without the extra 30%) for such a nice, basic staple.

What do you think about Gap's offering? I've love to hear from you!

{See Alice Go} Review... J.Crew

Hey ya'll!

I know I said I would try to head into a J.Crew store to check out their 30% off in-store sale so I did. They had a lot of basic tanks, striped tee's, and for whatever reason, lot's of polka-dotted Nicky tops. Only a few things caught my eye:

I'd only seen this in white with black polka dots, but my store just got lavender with navy dots (I know, I can barely tell this is lavender!). This is a size 2 and would have probably fit better if it was my regular size 0.

Black and Grey Bow Sweater
This item does not appear to be online. I believe it was $98 (original price) and consisted of about 65% man-made materials and 35% wool? I thought this was quite cute and was definitely warm and cozy!

Polka Dot Dress

This item does not appear to be online either. I believe it was $148 and consisted of 100% man-made materials (mostly nylon). I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but it has these small velvet polka dots. I think this dress is cute as well, but it would be even better if it had pockets (I don't know what is it with me and pockets, but if a dress has pockets, I'm pretty much sold!).  You can see the polka dots better in this picture:

Have you been to a J.Crew store lately? What do you think? Did you purchase anything? I have some mixed feelings about the design and quality (Yet I still go in and get an itchy trigger finger...) and would love to hear from you!


Sale Alert!

J.Crew is giving us 30% off sale items! The code is available on their website (code: MUSTHAVE) and purchases of more than $175 will receive free shipping, otherwise it's a flat rate of $8.95.


What are you eyeing? I'd love to know!

Right now, I'm lusting over:
Edie purseIcon trench in wool-cashmere

Edie Tote                                                       Trench-style Coat

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{See Alice Go} Gift Guide... For Mom

With the season approaching (a little too quickly), I thought I'd put together some gift guides. I'm always trying to pick out the perfect present for my mom and have always get aside a decent budget because nothing is too good, or expensive, for the woman has has birth me, raised me, and loved me unconditionally for the last twenty-plus years.

I'll be posting additional gift guides in the next few days, so I hope you'll stay tuned!

(1) Bally Morissa wallet (2) Personalized Monogram Necklace (3) Dr. Brandt Overnight Serum and Retinol Hyracreme (4) Vintage pajama set (5) Moleskine weekly planner (6) J.Crew Cashmere Tippi Sweater


Election Day

I just wanted to urge you all to go out and vote. Can you believe that women have only been allowed to vote since 1920? Even if you're busy, I implore you to get out there for the thousands upon thousands of women suffragettes who were ridiculed, beaten, and jailed for your right to cast your ballot.

The democratic system is a beautiful thing. Now go out there and make me proud by heading to your polling place!

Keep track of the results with me here.


{See Alice Go} Weekend Round-up

Top Left to Right: A ring from my 21st, delicate knot earrings and a huge cocktail ring (old Banana Republic) for a night out, and my little man Domo keeping my company.

Bottom Left to Right: Delicious desserts for an Indian grocer, what else would be be doing on a Sunday night besides sipping on a glass and whitestriping my teeth?, practicing my mad origami skills in preparation for some holiday card-crafting.

I have a special little man in my life (The Guy hates when I bring this up), and his name is Domo. He is actually the official mascot for a Japanese television station. Honestly, I just thought he was cute, and when I saw him in plush-form at an outdoor market in Hong Kong this past summer, I couldn't pass him up!

When I got home, I googled his story and came across this video. I think it's adorable and I certainly hope you like it too!


{See Alice Go} Review

I'm so sad Sunday will be over in just a few short hours. It's so nice to relax on the weekend and wake up whenever you want! I slept in until noon on Saturday (Meant to wake up at 10 AM but slept through 3 alarms!) and was in a bit of a funk when I did manage to haul myself out of bed. I headed over to Sephora to look at some pretty things in an attempt to make myself feel more cheery.

... And by looking, I mean coveting, which sometimes leads to some buyings. This little beauty, the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy, caught my eye and I just had to have it (Yes, I'm a sucker for marketing... I clearly bought this because the packaging is so amazing. The shiny silver tube doubles as a mirror, how handy)! Here are a few pictures of my new pretty:

Now, this product comes in many colors but because I tend to reach for lip products that have just a hint of color more often than not, I opted for #2 "Dewy Papaya, the second-most sheer color in this line. The color is peachy which I feel flatters my yellow undertones. Plus, I figured that I had enough heavily pigmented lipsticks and stains. With winter already rearing its beautiful/ugly head, I knew I'd get more use out of a balm-like product.

Product Description:
"This balm dresses your lips in a sheer veil of brilliant color booster with vitamin-and antioxidant-rich fruit extract. Its ultra-light, sensual texture leaves lips feeling soft and hyrated for up to eight hours and is ideal for year-round use" per Sephora.

My Take on the Product:
YSL Volupte Sheer Candy imparts very little color on my lips which is something I don't mind. I was hoping  this would serve as a hydrating balm. Like all other YSL lip products, it smells lightly of mangoes. I found the scent to be very pleasant and formula was ultra-light and glides on beautifully. As for the 8-hour hydration claim, I found that it was not moisturizing at all! In fact, it lasts about 30 mins to an hour on my lips after which my lips feel quite dry. I still love the filigree "YSL" lettering that wraps around the tube, but I don't think I love it enough to keep it. I will likely exchange it for the Dior Addict Lip Glow. Thank goodness for the Sephora return/exchange policy, eh?

Do you have YSL Volupte Sheer Candy? What do you think of it? I've read many positive review of this product, however, it just didn't work for me.


{See Alice Go} Polish

Burgundy has been everywhere this season and I sure hope it won't be going away soon. I love how dark and edgy, but still classic, it is. 

It's almost the weekend and The Guy and I might be (Yes, the operative word is "might". We are such home-bodies!) going out to friends this weekend and I thought I'd start making myself presentable tonight. I've painted on "Hello Merlot" by FACE Stockholm for J.Crew (Winter '11) and it's so pretty (I'm seriously looking down at my hands every few minutes)

So, what are you doing this weekend? Do you have any recommendations for polishes? Besides "Hello Merlot", I've been totally obsessed with Butter London. Love the colors they come out with and the witty names!

Hope you have a nice weekend, and HAPPY FRIDAY!