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I went to Gap as well today and wanted to share these pictures in a separate post.I feel that overall, J.Crew is (usually) better quality, but I've really been liking the offerings at Gap this season! Right now, they have 30% off store-wide (Shoot, just checked and it sends today apparently... Well, maybe our west coast friends will have some luck?). Check out my picks below!

I tried this on in navy. I believe it was $40.99 (+30% off) and is almost 100% man-made materials. Still pretty cute though, maybe I'll pull the trigger when it's discounted any more... I liked the skirt but that doesn't mean it's NOT too short... for work. I can see myself wear this on the weekends but seeing as how I'm constantly moving around, I don't want to be inconvenienced by it's (lack-of) length.

Grey Sweater Dress with Zipper Detailing
I don't believe this item is available online, hence no link. It's 95% wool and 5% cashmere and wow, I really like this dress. It's warm and slightly loose on the frame. I can see myself wearing this any day of the week with any kind of black boot. It's also get this nice silver zipper detailing on the shoulders:
I bit. I took that sweater right home and tried it on again. Yep, still love it.

This was so bland, I thought. The hips were slightly too narrow for me and I almost couldn't pull it down. It's shapeless in an unattractive way and the snug hip-area makes it a bit worse. I think this would look lovely on someone with less hip and the price was quite attractive ('bout $30 or so without the extra 30%) for such a nice, basic staple.

What do you think about Gap's offering? I've love to hear from you!

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