Sale Alert!

Hello, fellow shoppers!

Just wanted to give you a heads up. There's a Neiman's DOUBLE gift card event going on now through this Wednesday:

What's on your wishlist?

Here's mine:
1. Prada Cervo Center Zip Tote: 

I love the classic shape and color of this bag. It's very much like the regular tote- has a classic luggage tag, paddock and hanging keys.... but you get the added bonus of an all-leather interior. If you're looking for a bag that has fewer compartments, this is a good alternative. Plus, both of these bags get you the $600 GC and you could get a Prada wallet for "free"! My picks for matching/almost matching are the Saffiano Wallet on a Chain and Mini Zip Crossbody Bag.

2. Chloe Alison East-West Colorblock Tote:

I'm still not over the lovely burgundy from this fall and the simple, elegant shape of this bag, combined with the durable suede lining makes this a timeless bag that will last.

3. Valentino Bi-color Dress:

75% of my closet is black and white, and 50% of that are dresses! Needless to say, I can't take my eyes off this dress. I find that A-line silhouettes work really well for my petite frame. There are also the delicate, feminine, classic-Valentino bows that make the dress girlish but not immature. And just when you think you think you have this dress figured out and can't love it more than you do when BAM! You see the back... 
Are you thinking, "oh, be still my beating heart...", like I am?

Now, keep in mind, to double your gift card, you have to purchase both a regularly priced men/women's apparel item AND bag/shoe purchase. If you don't have anything in mind for your full-price apparel item, I suggest adding some cheaper item to your cart (i.e. plain mens tee or ladies socks).

Happy shopping and please, do share what you've bought!

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  1. These are all fabulous choices! Thank you for your sweet comment on TPF.. love your new bag!



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