{See Alice Go} ... And Acquire.

I hinted that I had purchase one of the items in Untitled #7. Today, I'm going to reveal that item...

*Ah Ahem* Drum roll please...

Now, I'm never ever spent close to this kind of money on a bag, but I've been saving up for a while in hope of finding a high-quality and timeless bag. I've done extensive search on the Purse Forum and narrow my list down to a (ok, not going to lie, but it's really quite a few) dream bags. Of course, I'd also promised myself a nice reward if I got into the graduate school that I had applied to- and I was accepted into the program last week!

I'm in the Midwest and am not close to many high-end department stores, so there are very few chances for me to even look at nice bags. But my local TJ Maxx started carrying "runway" goods recently. I've seen Prada, Ferragamo, and Gucci shoes, bags, and accessories  They also have a dozen or two small racks of designer clothing from Tory Burch, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor, to Escada, Ralph Lauren Ready-to-Wear, and Valentino! This is where I found this Medium Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Cabas bag for significantly less than retail. 

I hope to keep this lovely object for many years (I should probably get up the nerve to cut the tags off first, eh?). As I get familiar with my new acquisition, I will be doing posts on care and maintenance of the Medium YSL Chyc Cabas.

Of course, I should probably also mentioned that I got something else in that (ok, same) trip to TJ Maxx. Want a hint? Stay tune for tomorrow's Untitled #8!

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  1. Seems like a wonderful way to treat yourself for your school acceptance, congrats! Lovely bag =)

    Suzie Q


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