{See Alice Go} Review

I'm so sad Sunday will be over in just a few short hours. It's so nice to relax on the weekend and wake up whenever you want! I slept in until noon on Saturday (Meant to wake up at 10 AM but slept through 3 alarms!) and was in a bit of a funk when I did manage to haul myself out of bed. I headed over to Sephora to look at some pretty things in an attempt to make myself feel more cheery.

... And by looking, I mean coveting, which sometimes leads to some buyings. This little beauty, the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy, caught my eye and I just had to have it (Yes, I'm a sucker for marketing... I clearly bought this because the packaging is so amazing. The shiny silver tube doubles as a mirror, how handy)! Here are a few pictures of my new pretty:

Now, this product comes in many colors but because I tend to reach for lip products that have just a hint of color more often than not, I opted for #2 "Dewy Papaya, the second-most sheer color in this line. The color is peachy which I feel flatters my yellow undertones. Plus, I figured that I had enough heavily pigmented lipsticks and stains. With winter already rearing its beautiful/ugly head, I knew I'd get more use out of a balm-like product.

Product Description:
"This balm dresses your lips in a sheer veil of brilliant color booster with vitamin-and antioxidant-rich fruit extract. Its ultra-light, sensual texture leaves lips feeling soft and hyrated for up to eight hours and is ideal for year-round use" per Sephora.

My Take on the Product:
YSL Volupte Sheer Candy imparts very little color on my lips which is something I don't mind. I was hoping  this would serve as a hydrating balm. Like all other YSL lip products, it smells lightly of mangoes. I found the scent to be very pleasant and formula was ultra-light and glides on beautifully. As for the 8-hour hydration claim, I found that it was not moisturizing at all! In fact, it lasts about 30 mins to an hour on my lips after which my lips feel quite dry. I still love the filigree "YSL" lettering that wraps around the tube, but I don't think I love it enough to keep it. I will likely exchange it for the Dior Addict Lip Glow. Thank goodness for the Sephora return/exchange policy, eh?

Do you have YSL Volupte Sheer Candy? What do you think of it? I've read many positive review of this product, however, it just didn't work for me.


  1. I think the YSL packaging is very impressive, but I've heard mixed reviews on their quality in relation to the price.

    1. Lulu,

      Thanks for visiting my humble little blog and yes, the packaging is always beautiful! However, the lipstick tube of the Sheer Candy reviewed above fell apart after one-week's worth of use! Maybe the glue holding the top of the tube together had spent too long under the hot lights of Sephora? Either way, I returned this product, it's not good enough of a product for the price!

      Hope to see you around :)


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